Our History

Providing high quality used cars for 39 years

Humble beginnings

In March 1985, Richard and Julia Shayler moved into Spur Garage, London Road. With two staff members, and only fourteen cars for sale, they began to build the foundations for Richlee Motor Company.

Our site was quite different back then, most notably was the petrol station which was then branded by Murco Petroleum. Within two years, the petrol station was obtained by us, and we began to run the car sales, and service station side by side.

Laying Foundations

Spur Garage site obtained & operations started. Shayler Cars was operating from a small office behind the petrol station.

March 1985


Our stock level increased to 25 cars and we opened an on site service bay with two technicians

During the 90's many companies were affected by the recession, and this was a difficult time for growing businesses.


More staff

Dedication and hard work meant that we stayed strong during this time and by 1995 our staff level had grown to 15 people, and we were stocking 40 vehicles.


Record breaking

In 1996 were one of Murco Petroleums flagship service stations selling over 70,000 litres of fuel per week - we became the best selling outlet in the country.


Richlee Motor Co. Ltd is born

The lease of Murco Petroleum expired, and for a further three years we fought to keep all staff employed by negotiating with the owner, and family friend Michael Hunt to reinstate ourselves on the prominent corner position of the site.

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Sustained Growth

Over the next 5 years we were able to increase our stock level to around 80 vehicles, the more prominent position and extra space meant we had room to grow.

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A Family Run Business

In 2006 our family business grew once again, Lee Shayler the oldest son of Richard and Julia left school and began to work at the dealership full time. Two years later he was joined by sister Chanel, and this gave the company a modern injection, and some new ideas to move us into the future.

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Increased Stock

Stock levels by this point were reaching 100 cars, and we were slowly becoming one of the largest independent dealerships in the area.

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From 2011 we made some significant changes, we were aiming once again to be different, and provide an even higher level of service, we wanted to become totally independent and carry out all refurbishment on site.

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Enhanced Bodyworks

This year a team of 2 has turned into 5 as members from Supreme Motor Bodies came back to work at Richlee, we opened Richlee Accident and Repair Centre in Wickford just 5 minutes from our site. A large fully independent body shop that can handle all kinds of repairs.

Early 2016

Even larger range

The extra space onsite meant we could expand our sales area once again. The workshops and brand new preparation area were moved to the rear of the site and we now have display available for up to 200 cars

Mid 2016

Dedicated Technicians

Also new for 2016 is our service centre with 5 dedicated technicians, and a full time service advisor handle any outside mechanical work, and to look after our valued customers.


The Future

Towards the end of 2016 we aim to have opened our new sales office which will replace the old front facing workshops. The new interior will have more of a coffee shop feel where visitors can relax and browse our extensive selection at their own leisure.

It has been an exciting journey, and we would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their support. We have now sold over 25,000 retail vehicles all over the United Kingdom and further, and we aim to keep your experience the best available anywhere.

Early 2017